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10 July 2007



And they got rid of Noah's Arc for this? Makes me glad I don't have Logo and that it isn't even offered here.


Noah's Arc wasn't that great, dre. let's be honest...

I think this is going to be a VERY edgy show. the talented lined up for it: Alan Cumming, Wilson Cruz, the animation, etc.

Plus, as foul and raunchy as South Park is, it still remains very edgy to this day...

I can't wait to see it when I get cable again this fall


This Rick & Steve series is actually a rehash of the filmmakers previous work that was on G & L festival circuit some years back. It was creative back then.


it's actually not a rehash. Allan has been working on updating the script and changing the characters slightly for almost a year now. It should be pretty good.

Though I do believe it sucks that Noah's Arc is off the air.


You know Ryan, I agree, NA wasn't the best, but, it was something! I guess I can't get into the blond Chelsea gym guy which is what every white gay man seems to be depicted as, only different hood in different city and the stereotypical Asian "power bottom" had the roles been reversed, maybe it would be something I would have thought about watching, well calling my cable company to request Logo!

Alan T

This was not a "rehash." Q. Allan Brocka made a short animated film and this is a series based upon that short. It's very funny and well-written.


I wasn't offended by this in any way but I didn't laugh once either.

Did I miss the memo that says having a cartoon character say something adult-like automatically qualifies as "funny"?


thanks logo for more junk programming like rick .steve WE need mre great shows like noahs arc


we need more great shows like noahs arc


Well they did put a Black character in it... even though he is a trollopy, gold-diggin, nellie, bug-chasing, circuit queen into men in wheelchairs.

But hey... beggars can't be choosers, aye?!?!


hot chelsea boy and asian bottom?? i thought the 90s were over...

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