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18 July 2007



Not an Obama fan at all, but, sure would like to vote and work on a campaign for Adrian Fenty, and i have no clue as to where he stands on anything! I'll have to read some of what Rod has posted about him.

Andy in Seattle

I too, Luther, would love to work under Fenty. (cough)

Derrick from Philly

Andy, you sure he's a top...oh, goody!

Wait a minute, let me come back to reality. Although, with a first name like "Adrian" who knows. Black women have always loved giving pretty names to their boys--when they weren't stuck with John, William, Franklin, Rodney, etc.

Oh, I was just kiddin'.

Andy in Seattle

Derrick--like you don't know that one can be "under" and still be the "top"... tsk tsk tsk...

Besides, as a Democrat, he's probably a good flip-flopper (lol).

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