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15 August 2007


Derrick from Philly

See! So many folks that didn't like "Noah's Arc" and complained about the "bad acting" implied that these actors wouldn't find work if the Logo series ended (well, that's what I thought the implication was); but I'm happy to see Jensen & Darryl did find work, and I'm hoping for the best for the others. I really miss the Noah's Arc characters (tears are beginning to form). Oh let me go look at the pictures of Marcus Patrick to cheer me up!


I'm happy to see Jensen back on television especially in a gay role. Hot is hot. And him being open-minded is even hotter.


Jensen is so, so hot! I love him.

C. Baptiste-Williams

Good to see Jensen working... too bad I don't get here!


you dont need here! to watch Dante's Cove :-)


The problem I have with here! is it's not a real channel you gotta pay like $2.99 per episode and that's too much damn money. But I'm glad to see Jensen working, too bad it's not on another season of Noah's Arc.


Damn, I want me some of dat body. The face is not all that thoo, but the b-o-d-y. Come to papa! LOL!


I'd call it more of a gay "Passions", but that would be redundant.


That show is AWFUL in every way. It makes Noah's Arc seem like Shakespeare.


I saw the first season of Dante's Cove and I didn't think it was any worse or better than Noah's Arc but the second season seemed to just be soft core porn. With sex scenes happening for no reason.

I'm happy to see Jensen get some work and happy that finally a "White" show has added some diversity. For that reason I will try, the opertive word is "try" to support it. That is if they don't kill him off in the first 2 episodes.

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