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22 August 2007



The fact that she can say the bible clearly lays out principles on homosexuality shows she hasnt really read it


She sings "Christian songs about Christian principles" that aren't like songs she sang on AI...

Am I to infer from that that she ordinarily doesn't sing songs like she sang on American Idol and that she set aside her "Christian principles" for the chance at a big recording contract?


Couldn't have said it better myself, Jeff.

Additionally, I usually try to caution my gay brethren about who they uphold as idols and heroes. Before we read about her views, a lot of folks were touting her as the next great diva. I'm glad I held back.

Andy in Seattle

Indeed, DFS: no word from her about the passages in the Bible okaying slavery...


Mandisa, sorry girl. I'm done with you. But We'll always have Dinah Washington between us!


Look, God is a God of love and loves us all. Not feel comfortable? So you would feel comfortable around adulters or maybe even liars. Jesus himself went and communicated among everyone and died to save all of us...Are you better than Jesus Mandisa?

C. Baptiste-Williams

everyone is entitled to their opinion...


Hmmm. Did she read the passages in the Bible that are laid out very clearly about gluttony and women "staying in their place?" Or did she do like most folks and laser in on the passages that appear to condemn homosexuality? Mandisa, girl . . . sit down.


Why are we revisiting this cow's ignorance? She'll be on the gospel play circuit in no time flat. Next.


Girl instead of praying for Cowell, try reading that part of your bible about gluttony, because being obese is a sin. Keep it real Mandisa, keep it real boo, can't pick and chose which "verses" to apply to get out your point.

I'll say a prayer for her to open her eyes and see that she is just a tool of the so called evangelicals with this anti-gay nonsense, and would love to ask her if she really thinks that they see her in a color blind way? I wonder if she has a clue that they are as anti-black civil rights as they are anti-gay civil rights? Like most of the sheep, probally not. But, then again, she is getting paid by them, and that's all that matters those coins.

Ain't hating on her as she is one of the many victims who can't comprehend the book they claim to live by.


what is most disturbing is the question "A big part of your faith is interacting with people who don't know the Lord" meaning homosexuals. Where do these people get off saying homosexuals don't know the lord? That has to stop.


She needs to go sit down somewhere... why are we even concerned with her anymore or anybody else talking this foolishness. Sometimes I wish GOD would just say, very LOUDLY "excuse me, bigot, please keep my name out of your mouth." I feel bad for so-called christians like her. They don't even know GOD. "God is love, and love is for everyone."


and everyone is entitled to their opinion...but no one is entitled to utilize GOD for their acts of violence against others. and that is what this talk is, an act of violence. plain and simple.

caleb rexter

>>>"Everyone is entitled to their opinion."<<<

Very interesting comment coming from a black gay man whose blog is mostly about black gays and Atlanta-area churches.

caleb rexter

Rod, you've linked to Beliefnet before. What gives?

rob a

"A big part of your faith is interacting with people who don't know the Lord."

Assuming that gays have no faith and are going aginst the will of God.

Mervin Malone Jr.

Honestly – I was never particularly impressed with Mandisa. I remember a lot of the blogs more frequented by white lgbt people were making her out to be the next Martha Wash, Jennifer Holiday or Jocelyn Brown. This should be a lesson to them to not assume on first glance that just because someone is a heavyset, black female singer that she is automatically inclusive and accepting of everyone. Martha, Jennifer, Jocelyn – YES – are supportive of their gay audiences, but there still is a heavy undercurrent of homophobia in black (so-called) "Christian" circles (and sometimes singers). We black lgbt people have been aware of this sort of thing for a long time.

Rod McCullom

Good point, Mervin.

Mandisa's performance on "Idol" never really impressed me. She was decent but not stellar. So her associations were a deal-killer.

Caleb asked about Beliefnet. It's a spiritual and religious community, not necessarily anti-gay, many of the blogs and writers are progressive Christians and some are supportive of gays. Obviously, this interviewer was not.


Simon was right. She is too fat to be an American Idol. She needs to stop eating so much and spend more time questioning why any "God" would create people who are unworthy of His love. Chew on that, you cow!

fruit cocktail

When will Mandiesel learn to just stick to putting donuts in her big fat mouth instead of her own pig's foot.


The more that I read senseless, dogmatic and un-christ-center material such as what I've read above, the more comfortable I become with my choice to become a pagan (wiccan). If Christianity is associated with love, and witch craft with hate; then give me the craft any day! What ever happened to love being patient, kind, longsuffering, gentle, humble and meek; todays church (as well as the Bible days) are full of stone throwers, the same ones that Jesus rebuked; and if he himself took no part in it (casting stones and being a judge), what gives mere mortals the right to take the throne and subject folk to their ignorance and shallow concepts of moral? NEXT ONE ALEX!


Blame it on the Patriachy. All the Abrahamic Faiths advocate extreme Patriarchy. It's interesting that the x-tian faiths generally acknowledge a homo-sexed trinity, w/ no female deity present. Such an imbalance is at the root of much of what we see in Sex Relations in the U.S.. A bronze aged idea of nomadic Sex roles, w/ a concomittant/reflex towards female subjugation at all costs, needs to be abandoned in respect to the scientific reality of nature's need /proclivity to produce homosexuals. Mandissa is a victim of Steroidial Patriarchy. Her Savior a male deity whom she calls Jesus, never had sex according to her version of the Bible. I generally don't pattern my sex life, after someone who never "tested" the water. What was Jesus so afraid of, that he never did what most normal men do, have sex, hetero or homo? What's wrong w/ Jesus, was he too afraid of getting sprung? Dude 33 years and no ass, wtf? Was Jesus afraid of Women? What would sex with Jesus look like? Isn't he normal, or is he a freak of nature? One of those non-sexual beings destined not to reproduce? Personally I think the King James Version of Jesus depict a fictional character.


Mandisa is not a real christian. Really christians love no matter what how diverse people are -even child murderers. But that is christ-like behavior, no one is able to emulate that unless they are pure of heart and unbiased. Speaking of...I'm still waiting for Jesus to come back. Talk about holding out for a hero.

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