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17 August 2007



Bye, I guess that cancer he has is just as he would put it a "tar baby" sorry, not one shred of sympathy for Snow or any of his ilk.

barbara mode

I am sorry to hear that he will be leaving. I hope his cancer has been arrested. Good luck to him!


It's such a shame that he can't put food on his family with only $170k a year. Just think how hard it would be with the average American salary.

caleb rexter

Cedric, I'm certainly not a Bush fan or a Tony Snow defender, I'm very much a liberal Democrat. But we shouldn't wish ill health on anyone. We're supposed to be better than than that.

Robguy, I think the important point here is that Tony snow has cancer and it may get worse. We don't know how many years he has. If he wants to cut out now and make some coins to send his children to college and take care of his health, more power to him. Everyone is jumping ship off the Titanic.


Caleb, I don't wish him nor anyone else who hates black people ill, but, I most certainly do not have sympathy for him and his illness, its that old thing, treat people bad and comes back at you, treat them with respect and you will get respect. And, sorry, he can't support a family on $168,000 a year and all the millions he has made spewing hate on Fox, please.


I just now found out this site had a comments section. Late as hell.

Anyway I think Tony was great at his job. Did i agree no, but I respect him for being a great publicist.

Fighting cancer and supporting kids can be a strain even on HIS salary. So I can't knock his hustle.


ATrain and Caleb make a good point. Tony Snow is probably a decent man, the fact that we disagree with his politics should not encourage us to wish him poor health. I always thought Rod 2.0 readers were more intelligent than that.


Reading Cedric's comments, he's not wishing ill on Snow. He simply has no sympathy for him. In the same way the Bush people have no sympathy for people with AIDS, Katrina victims, or the people of Iraq.
These responses are superstition at its worst. Even if we wish Snow would suffer and die, that does not mean we have the power or ability to make it happen. Anger is a natural consequence of oppression and imperialism. But even if I wished Snow would drop dead now, IT HAS NO MEANING because I can't make it happen.
In contrast, the White House HAS the power to aid victims of AIDS, Katrina and poverty.
Bush and Snow have ZERO sympathy for us; why should I feel sorry for them. Misplaced empathy is so pathetic.

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