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17 August 2007



That man is as gay as a picnic basket ... he's just likely one of these church queens who claims he's not "acting" on it.


I don't know if Perry is gay, straight or "other" and since I don't recall any gay bashing from him, don't really care which box he checks but, the one thing I do love is the Madea character, and no matter how he tries to live it down with the "beef cake" the public is still wanting some Madea.

j. brotherlove

Michael Jai White is always nice to look at although he's a bit over built for my taste. Richard T Jones on the other hand... ooh baby!

As for Perry, and anyone else who refutes being "gay", it serves us no reward claiming it for them. But I wouldn't be too surprised if Perry's "right" woman turned out to be anything but.

Jim John

I don't personally understand the concern with his sexual orientation. Do I think he's straight? No. And not because of his Madea skits. But is it something worth bringing up? No.

If he is in the closest, leave him in the closet. Isn't this something gay men complain about all the time when it comes to heterosexuals attempting to "out" someone?

At any rate, I need a man like Michael White in my life.
Actually, let me get Michael White on Monday, Henry Simmons on Tuesday, Terrell Carter on Wednesday, Boris Kodjoe on Thursday, and all four on Friday.


Jim, I totally disagree for two very good reasons.

First, how is it "news" for Essence to ask Tyler Perry this question but Rod shouldn't report Tyler's response? Second, Tyler's gay denials are always very interesting to those of us in Atlanta who may know something otherwise.


Who cares? When I get famous I'm going to go around constantly saying that "I'm straight" when it's obvious that I'm gay -- just so people can see how stupid they look always running the "I'm not gay." lines.

And, why did he have to say it really, really made him upset when people questioned his heterosexuality. Gay just is. Why do we have to have so many hangups about it?

Though I do agree that he reminds me of a huge church queen.

Jeff Smith DC

The "right women" will never be found unless he's looking for a women who doesn't mind sharing her man with another man occasionally. Tyler Perry needs to get real. He could have answered with a simple "NO", To add the rest of the comment is just plain and simple deceit and denial.

Jeff Smith DC

The "right women" will never be found unless he's looking for a women who doesn't mind sharing her man with another man occasionally. Tyler Perry needs to get real. He could have answered with a simple "NO", To add the rest of the comment is just plain and simple deceit and denial.


Thanks for the heads up on MJW Rod. This seems to have it all the girls and the guys.

MJW is still looking good as ever


Why is it that some want every man to be gay and if he says he isn't, vilify him? I don't know if he is gay, but, am man enough to accept that he isn't if he says so. The "rumors' and that's just what they are, are tacky and cheesy, kind of like all these guys who are demonizing the late Merv Griffin for being gay and without one shred of proof, other than gossip. If TP is getting his swirl on with other dudes, I would assume one would be more than happy to talk about it for a few coins

caleb rexter

Cedric, no one is "demonizing" anyone. As far as what Rod wrote, he simply reported what Essence asked and Tyler answered. If you want to take fault with anyone, go off on Essence.

But for the record, everyone in Hollywood knew Merv Griffin was gay. He was sued by his ex-boyfriend for palimony and Denny Terrio for sexual harassment in the early 90s. In his later years, Griffin ever confirmed nor denied and would joke about it. The New York Times and other outlets have reported this in his death. We all knew.

Griffin was also very self-hating and donated tens of thousands of dollars to Republican presidential candidates and Arnold Schwarzenegger. None of whom have been friendly to gays. And, Merv was very friendly with the Reagans in the 1980s when many gay men were dying of AIDS and Reagan never even said the word "AIDS": until 6 or 7 years into his term.

There is nothing wrong with being in the closet if that is your choice. There is something wrong with being in the closet hurting people who are not. That is a problem.

Str8 Man Looking for a Good Woman

Good point Caleb Rexter. A celebrity can simply ignore or answer "no" when they are asked the gay question. Luther Vandross never downgraded being gay while never publicly coming out.

Tyler Perry certainly spent enough time in Atlanta clubs like Bulldogs and the old Tracks (where he befriended legendary comic drag queen --some say the source where he ripped off Madea-- Miss Sophia), that long time patrons and bartenders remember him before he hit it big.

He does have to pander to his church going audience. However, that doesn't give him license to down the gay community.

Out of all the available, educated, beautiful, professional single women in Atlanta, why is it so hard for him to not find his "wife" or at least a woman to date?


I agree with a lot of the posts. The issue really is not whether or not Tyler Perry chooses to come out of the closet. He can stay in till the cows come home for all I care. What I can't stand is these celebs who lie or denigrate homosexuals in their passionate "denial". I respect a celeb like Jody Foster who just doesn't talk about it. We all know Miss Foster is a lesbian. She's got a wife. They have two kids. They've been photographed in tabloids shopping and taking their family out. But she remains silent about it. What she DOES NOT do is publicly deny being gay (Queen Latifah, are you listening???) and she certainly doesn't criticize gay people or insult gay men (Tyler Perry). I don't really give a rat's ass if Tyler Perry wants to publicly claim heterosexuality- even if I personally find it laughable. But it is shameful of him to say things like "it gave me more firm seating in my manhood"! What the hell?! As if being gay has no seating in manhood. I can't stand when these self-hating gay black men insult us all in their ridiculous assertions that they are "all man" (Johnny Gill). We are ALL all men, damnit. They could all learn a thing or two from the late great Luther Vandross. I think it's sad that Luther never felt comfortable coming out publicly- even after the huge successes he experienced, but at least he never publicly denied it and certainly never badmouthed or talked negatively about gay people or the gay lifestyle.

And by the way, Rod, when are you going to write about Perry's gawdawful MEET THE PAYNES sitcom. That has to be the worst crap I've seen on television since HOMEBOYS FROM OUTERSPACE. I mean it's embarrassingly bad. Am I the only one who thinks so?


One more thing about MEET THE PAYNES- I criticize it because I really did give it a chance. I think it's sad that black shows are disappearing from the tv landscape and made it a point to watch at least 10 episodes of THE PAYNES. I hoped and prayed it would get better. I'd even heard that Perry fired most of the original writing staff and hired a new team. But it never improved in 10 plus episodes. And this past week, they did a show addressing the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the black female community. First of all, it was very ABC After School Special in its treatment. And the way the story ended, it probably set us back 10-15 years in our understanding of HIV/AIDS issues. It was irresponsible and insulting to people living with this disease.

I just don't understand why the black journalists and bloggers are publicly critiquing this embarrasing drivel that Perry's trying to pass off as a TV show...

j. brotherlove

For the record, I wasn't criticizing Rod for reporting on the Essence article.

I'm questioning our obsession over having this debate about every black male entertainer. Juan summed up my thoughts pretty well.


JBrother, I will go even further and say that those celebs who want to publicly deny their sexuality and talk negative shit about gays deserve to be outed. I feel about them the way Larry Flint (Hustler publisher) feels about conservative right wing politicians who criticize the left wings for affairs and criticize gays and try to pass anti-gay legislation. He offers big money rewards for those coming forward with information about the scandals and wrongdoings of these horrible right wing nuts and he outs them. I think we need to do something like that with the Donnie McClurkins, Queen Latifahs, Tyler Perrys- they need to learn to keep their mouths shut and don't talk shit about us. Period. But what is done in the darkness always comes to light. I'm sure some of Perry's old male flames will eventually start talking. Or maybe Perry is prepared to shell out some of his millions to keep his secret (or not so secret) life under wraps.


Sorry, I meant to say I don't understand why MORE black journalists and bloggers are NOT publicly critiquing this crap.

Rod McCullom

Brotherlove, no offense was taken, we're on the same page. Essence asked the question, but his denial is certainly newsworthy, as is anything in the interview.

You think Michael Jai White is "a bit over built"? Not for my tastes...

PS: Regarding "Meet the Paynes": I've already reviewed it ... by not saying anything.

Dark Secret

I concur with Mr. McCullom....on ALL points.

Dark Secret

I concur with Mr. McCullom....on ALL points.

Dark Secret

I concur with Mr. McCullom....on ALL points.

Doug Cooper-Spencer

I did a piece on Tyler Perry on my blog WWW.Dougcooperspencer.blogspot.Comthis past weekend. In the blog I mention that his reponse in Essence was vague.
BUT what most concerns me is his financial support of known homophobic institutions and people. On my blog I mention the money he gives and support he doles out. And it's for that that he won't get my support, not his personal sexual orientation. I simply can't give my money to someone who will use it against me.
Doug Cooper-Spencer


TBS series writers with Perry's collabaration manage to serve trite quips on a regular about effeminite/gay male behavior.
Which fans and observers of his work will notice is curiously absent from his cinema "blackbusters."
Strategic moves like that have awarded Perry with mi$$ions of dollars and etched out his fan waving niche in the uraban market.
Remember those fans are members of traditional sanctuary and mega churches like Creflo Dollar where he encouraged gays to suppress their homosexual feelings(last Spring '06). With that awareness Perry inconspicuously crafts scripts that pander to the faith worshipers with deliberate omission of gay lifestyle.

Irony on the other hand is something Perry cannot blanket; with the ever present lisp, polished grooming, and middle-age bachelor status. Not to mention the obvious muscle fetish and the implicating Oprah appearances(she damned near outed him with that Laverneus Cole follow-up episode).

Tyler Perry should not open up about his sexuality publicly because aside from being a throwback to '90s culture phenomena it is like exposing Mo' Nique for eating 3 lbs. of BBQ.

Note: Str8 Man(comment) Perry was not a club kid. Bulldogs was not even a rotation during the late 80s & 90s.......

Str8 Man

Correction, divaRossi. Ms. Sophia has publicly confirmed that TP was a regular at Traxx Atlanta during the Monday night drag shows. And that's where he befriended the legendary drag queen. And even promised to write stage plays for her. Sophia has stated this over Atlanta's biggest hip hop station, V 103.

Regarding Bulldogs, the club has been around for years. I can only repeat what regulars and a few old bartenders have stated.


michael jai white i give him all my credit because he is my type man!oh man i wish i had his number id call him right now

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