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31 August 2007


Derrick from Philly

I wonder if exposing Africans to information about the influence of Christian Missionaries and Islamic invaders in creating the hatred towards same gender loving people, would do any good. Even though the development of a gay social/political sub-culture has been good for many of us in the West, its growth seems to cause more resentment for many of us in other parts of the world. The resentment even escalates to violent oppression. It's sad because the few African gays I've met have been nicest (and most responsible) folks I've come across in the gay world (of course, my gay world has only included Philly, New York, and way down home in Georgia...oh, and fabulous Atlantic City, yuck!).

Kenyan Gay

I would ignore that dude on that blog. He has been making alarming statements to drive traffic on his blog.

I reckon he has no information and even if he did, it will be information in the public realm

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