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25 August 2007



Poor Mr Sandy's death was just another black man who died in vain far too early, the so called black main stream civil rights groups wouldn't touch it as not to offend their base because he was gay. And the white mainstream gay groups just didn't care since it was a black man and to them they can only get donations and outraged with blond, gay white folks.

Get well Ree Ree, and some weight loss would help you and I mean that in all sincerity as her weight is too much.

Mel Smith

Great point!


This entire new process is turning into a disaster.


I'm really getting annoyed by this issue. Why are young black gay lives that are extinguished too soon not as valuable as others? Is it the lack of a traditional family? Better taste in furniture? Because it certainly can not be our earning potential otherwise the government would've taken action to secure the loss of taxes. I'm wondering, would it be a hate crime if I went out there shooting str8 white folks indescriminately?

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