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13 August 2007



LMAO. you always know how to mix it up, from Hillary to Tiger Tyson! Love it!

Derrick from Philly

I think this is a wonderful endorsement for Hillary. Mr Tyson is a well respected and accomplished performer and businessman. I've been admiring his...him for years.

I wonder if Hillary has seen his work?


What next for Hillary to show that she is really just an old softie? Baking cookies in a June Cleaver apron? I guess she really does see that she has a whole lot of image problems with the public, but, rent-a-kidz isn't going to change it, well, at least not for me since I refuse to belive that she is anything more than an Republican in Democatic clothing.


Is it really a good idea to find a "gay gene?" It seems like that would just result in more homophobia, and nutcases saying there is a cure.

Miss T

I agree with Cadence. It wasn't that long ago that the Diagnostic Manuals of Psychology labeled homosexuality as a disorder. Now, if you find a gene, who's to say that "oh wow, it's a birth defect"? And thus, search for a cure/treatment. It will sent gay men and women back several decades.

Hm, Sen. Clinton is trying to show her soft side, huh? Good luck Hil. Doesn't matter though, she is saying/doing a lot more than the other candidates so, I won't hate on her lol.

PS. Love Mr. Tyson :)

C. Baptiste-Williams

oooo how i love Adrian Fenty.


Let them look for the "gay gene." What they are likely to find is that same-sex attraction is common to most people and that what separates out the gay minority is a lack of sexual attraction to the opposite sex. There will likely be no way to get rid of the genetic basis for same-sex attraction, since it is likely spread throughout the entire human population.

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