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27 August 2007



Wow...I dont mean to sound so down on my people..But wow to actually dissassemble your countrie's justice system in face of your prejudices is just on some other savagery...Jamaica is with this same mob shit too..hmm just dont know sometimes.


When everything has been taken from you . . . when you are told that the only thing that makes you worth anything is the objects you possess, but you possess none . . . when you are poor and getting poorer and have no hope of ever sending your children to school . . . when the thieves drive by in their Mercedes in tinted windows with mini-skirted whores in the back seat . . . when all of your dignity has been crushed . . .

That's when a preacher or a politician can make money off of you and can get a vote from you by telling you that, as low as you may be, as poor as you may be, as black as you may be, AT LEAST YOU AIN'T A FAGGOT!

And you take out your rage on the faggot because he is the only thing in this whole wide world that is lower than you.

Mel Smith

I agree Jim.

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