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13 August 2007



All that money and yet morally bankrupt.


And the voters in Iowa's straw poll, ballot or whatever it is they call it since I still don't see why a small state is the one picking the first candidates, think he is concerned about them? Give me a break, this is one of the reasons I'm almost totally over this whole race, unless you are rich you can't even put up a run. And, just like with Silver Foot in mouth GW Bush, they have no clue about what real Americans think or are concerned about but will moan on how they are the ones for the so called "American people" code word and all when uttered by the GOP.


It’s perfectly all right to be obscenely wealthy so long as you are openly greedy and callous. After all, greed and callousness just make you a good role model for American youth.

But if you hint at being a “class traitor” (although I seriously doubt Edwards is anything remotely like that), then the media will surely beat you up for it.


There should be a amendment that you can't be this vulgarly rich and you have to have a legitimate IQ above 50 so we don't get stuck with another Bush and/or of the Bush family spawn.

And funny how good old Mitt has made some of his millions from not usually considered moral ventures such as casinos, but, when you flip and flop like he does, not real surprise there.

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