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13 August 2007


Derrick from Philly

This is great news, Rod. Listening to that music makes me feel young again until I get up and try to dance...oughtta' get me an Afro wig for when I play those sounds.


Oh, this is most excellent! Philly Soul is the Motown for 70's kids. I can't wait to hear those great O'Jays albums!


I love REAL music! Not some stupid beat and then speaking words that rhyme and bullshit subject matter like "We beez rollin' they hatin'" or "shake that laffy taffy" or "I's gonz buyz you a DRANK"... I'm so sick of this hippity hop hop culture today and feel so sad that the kids of today have NO IDEA of what it means to be a real musician, not some thug from "da hood" with a platinum dentition boasting about bitches and hoes and n*****.

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