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20 September 2007



If, they don't support the "good old boy," who will they have left to endorse? I can't see their minions, sorry, fellow evangelicals voting for Mitt the Mormon and flip flopper.

tony d..

This is hilarious. Before Thompson entered the race, everyone talked about him like he was the great white hope. Apparently he isn't.

earl w.

So the Christian right wing hates Giuliani, hates McCain and hates Thompson? Who will they annoint, Huckabee?


While it is true that the evangelicals have their doctrinal differences with the Mormons, we have to remember that the evangelicals' first allegiance is not to doctrine, but to viciousness.

If Mitt Romney proves himself to be vicious enough, the evangelicals will vote for him, Mormon or not.

rod mccullom

"We have to remember that the evangelicals' first allegiance is not to doctrine, but to viciousness."



This is rich. The Republicans are in total panic mode.


Dobsonn almost said the "great white hope."

greg g

Thompson is NOT the great white hope. This has become very obvious.


I almost hate to agree with Dobson, but he has a point. Thompson has never really stood for anything and he is incredibly lazy.


Thompson needs to quit now before he FULLY embarasses himself.

He should have stayed on Law and Order, and kept getting those $60K-$100K a week paychecks he was getting on the show..oh wait, he sucked at THAT also.

The Republicans are such a horrid mess of a group right now. It's like watching a train wreck happen..GLEEFULLY

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