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13 September 2007



It didn't stop Reagan from being elected, he was far from a church goer and Bush does not attend for the reason, the secret service would inconvenience the other worshippers, but, he is "born" again. They are smart and shrewd enough to pander to these alleged "Christians" on issues that are hot button with a so called biblical reason, all the while not actually believing in much their sacred voting bloc does.

But, for once, at least one of the GOP'ers is telling the truth on an issue, something as rare as all out.


Fred Thompson looks sick. He looks alot different from the way he was on "Law & Order."

As for him not attending church on a regular basis, it shouldn't hurt him but it might. (Anyway, just because you go to church doesn't make you right with God, like he says he is. But that's another long story...)

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