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06 September 2007



I certainly dont want this guy, who doesnt believe there is a constitutional right to privacy (which buttresses abortion and gay rights) nominating supreme court justices. I dont even like his character on the show.


Is there such a thing as a pro-gay Republican? They all stink to the high heavens, and its all part of the party plank and foundation, to win the GOP nomination, you have to be anti-gay and anti-black, if not, don't come a calling for votes cause you ain't gonna get them in the early primaries.

Robert Jones, Jr.

I truly hope America isn't hoodwinked into voting for this guy simply because he's a celebrity.


Well hopefully he'll make a better President than he ever did as a D-List TV actor... but I'm not willing to tae that chance. I'm afraid, though like Arnold Schwarzenegger, the American public is too stupid to weigh the options and will only see "the guy on Law & Order" and will vote for the bastard.

Andy in Seattle

Face it--the GOP longs for the Golden Reagan Years, and it clawing at anything close to it--so here we have a vague, elderly actor...

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