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27 September 2007



Love the column!

It's well written, definitely on point, and very much on target with how, I dare to say, many people feel about Ms. Craig and his many "dalliances and discretions"

And you get loads of points for using "orgiastic" in a sentence! :)


Rod, congratulations on your Advocate gig!!

I didn't know you were an angler (except, of course, of cute African soccer players), but your column has a great name.


Great column! Look forward to many more. Congratulations and good luck!

Andy in Seattle

Congrats, Rod, on the new column. The ADVOCATE is wise to include your insight regularly now, and I look forward to reading your future entries there.


So Rod, what about your political aspirations? We all sure need a Real voice!

j. brotherlove

Congrats as always on raising the bar, Rod!

Mad Professah

Hey Rod, have you seen the Donna Payne/James Kirchick Point/Counterpoint on the Jena 6 case at advocate.com?

Racially insensitive, at BEST, would be my evaluation.

What do you think?

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