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12 September 2007


j. brotherlove

I saw this earlier. It's a good thing Ja-Rule is no longer relevant. Otherwise someone might actually pay attention to his ignorant ass.


Good point, Ja Rule epitomizes a has-been. For some reason he always reverts to gay bashing. Must be Freudian.

rob a

This joker is still around? Ridiculous.


>>>the rapper lives with his wife and three children in posh Saddle River, NJ and recently had to post the family McMansion as bond collateral after police found a semi-automatic weapon in his car.

Sounds like father of the year.

greg g

It's the height of arrogance that society never questions these hoodes who have criminal records, gun disputes, illegitimate children and drug raps ... but are allowed to say gays are ruining America.


Brotherlove, let's hope you are right!


What makes it so easy for me to imagine Larry Craig and Ja Rule in adjacent stalls?


The lady doth protest too much...


Somebody needs to tell him to sit his monkey ass down. Next.

Ryan Canty

All I have to say is one thing:


Ms. Rule needs to STOP...Knowing very well that he is LEGENDARY in hip hop for various "dalliances" with other MALE rappers..DMX and 50 Cent being the main ones.

*Remember the scandal DMX caused when he told the media that only needed some X to bend over or get on his knees? Notice how QUICKLY that rumor disappeared and two had to sit in front of then Def Jam president Lyor Cohen to "talk it out"?* MMMMMM

Ja Rule...causing drama to promote records sales? Does it really matter when only HE and his family are going to buy his album? :)


He can have his opinion, and while I am totally offend by him, his music and lets make it personal too, his looks, why do these fools keeping opening their mouths? And, why do gay men and women buy that trash they call "music?"

These low life, wanna be thugs and their trifling ways of trying to be "real men" are too much.

Derrick from Philly

He reproduced, hunh? Maybe the good Lord will shine down on his family and make his children gay.


My favorite part is where he calls out MGM.

MGM?? Really? Does he think he's Norma Shearer?


who in hell said that has beens word is law .make somethin that will sale.hahahahahah.


what an asshole. I was reading in one of the NYC dailies that he couldn't get into a party at some club and resorted to 'Don't you know who I am?'.

It didn't work.

Mel Smith

"Dating shows that's showing two guys or two girls in mid-afternoon. Let's talk about s--t like that! If that's not f--king up America, I don't know what is."

Now, that simply means Ja Rule, Tim Hardaway and other people, do not think we have a right to exist on earth. And I forgot to mention that they are black folks.


Hey Ja Rule, boo, is it the same as BET promoting ignorance and hideous stereotypes about blacks as a whole? Or, are they let off the hook because they pay your "music?" Keep it real now boo, keep it real!


Howz about the gay people shutting down the entertainment industry! HMMMMM. Any one in either article on the "GAY" HOMOPHOBES (DO NOT SUPPORT) them at all VAMOOS! Let's see how this one plays out TV, RADIO or THEATRE and CDs, MAGAZINES and CLOTHING!


It's views like his that made me come out of the closet, and not be afraid to kiss, hug, or hold my girlfriend's hand in public. Why should I be ashameed of showing people who I love, when fools like this aren't afraid of showing people how violent and ignorant they are?

Let me see, which image hurts kids more; seeing two adults together who love one another, or seeing a grown man referring to women as b's and h's or boasting about how he physically attacked another man for no reason at all.


Ok, Ok, his comments about gays were stupid to say the least but I do see his point about everybody bashing hip hop for being violent & so forth but no one gets at Hollywood for being the way. There is a double standard. I think that is what he was trying to say, even though his ignorant comments obscure any valid point he was attempting to make.

Mel Smith

Here's the truth: black straight men need to shut the f@ck up sometimes(some of my straight family members included). They are still a group of people who are disliked by many for the color of their skin. Yet,some of them still cannot resist making derogatory statements about us. Although, they are treated like second class citizens. I don't know about you all, but I am tired of these straight people who think we are second class to them just because we don't have a heterosexual orientation. As a 27-year-old gay black male teacher, I give back to their children everyday. I bust my azz as a teacher to make sure that their children are successful, and I got to read comments about how they don't think I should exist in the world, because I'm not straight like them? I just wish they would just shut the f@ck up and stop dehumanizing us because we are not straight like them. I'm looking forward to the opportunity when I tell them in their face; shut the f@ck up and stop trying to diss us! I especially believe in freedom of speech. However, they don't think we got a right to exist and that's some dangerous sh!t. That's genocide freedom of speech. See, we black just like them. We ought to tell them in their face to shut the f@ck up.


Ja Who? Sounds like he has more pressing things going on than gay folks on TV. He should hope he can pay the cable bill.
Who cares, just another "celebrity" coming out of the Ignorance Closet.


Where in the BLANK do blacks get off saying ANYTHING AT ALL about other "minority groups" when the black communities across the country are so busy SELF-DESTRUCTING and murdering EACH OTHER, MUCH LESS WHITE PEOPLE OR OTHER MINORITY GROUPS ???? Gays and lesbians are HARDLY THE ISSUE HERE........Black CRIMINALS AND SELF-PROMOTION OF BLACK THUGS IS THE REAL ISSUE ! Homosexuality is not easily "taught".......you either are or you're not. Stop with the ignorance----coming from a black man, no less !!! Don't blacks go on and on about "slavery" and all that S *** ?????? GIMME A BREAK HERE !

Rod McCullom

Peter, it's bad enough that Ja Rule stereotyped gays, and his comments also impact black gay men and lesbians. Do not add insult to injury and race-bait, or you'll be banned from this board.

taylor Siluwé

It's amazing the lengths people will go to stir up controversy. The republicans use the 'gay agenda' to scare voters into the polls ....

.... now has-been, cabbage-patch looking rappers are using the tactic to boost sales??


Nice try, Ja ...

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