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08 September 2007



Mr. West has considerably more money than I do.


And I love the fact that he also collects Designer art toys or vinyl toys from stores like MunkyKing and Kidrobot. So cool! He and his fiance Alexis and their LA pad were recently featured in Harper's Bazaar magazine. U can check out more pics here:



While I don't care for his music, he has great taste in house decorating,very stylish and modern, not over the top gawdy like most hip hoppers and that view, wow!!


No leather sofa or plasma couch? Is he a martian?


I love what West did with his place. His dining room is by far my favorite, I love the ceiling art. The pop art is also very cool, I’ve always been a fan of Warhol! Interior decorating is so much fun! I enjoy looking through interior decorating magazines and my favorite design show is by far Design Star. Have you seen that show? If not, check out the season finale this Sunday Sept. 16 @ 9pm on HGTV. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite designer @ http://www.hgtv.com. I work w/them so just wanted to give u the inside scoop! I voted for Kim Myles! Who are you gonna vote for?

Mad Professah

Hey what's wrong with plasma televisions??


Great interior look. No big screen plasma TV? So he doesn't watch himself on TV at home? How refreshing!

Sandra Mills

Life is always evolving and so is design.
Its interesting to find out what others think when they think interior design.

From your bloog it looks like you might be interested in the same things as me, And for all of us who love to relax by the fire place the Geniol Fireplace from PID.Se is the most lovely interior design item I can imagine.

I love the the interior design store www.pid.se who has the most lovely chair that i have seen.
The Placentero.

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