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25 September 2007


Doug Cooper-Spencer

This story is tragic, not only in the obvious sense of the killing itself, but also because of the errant treatment given to minorities of color and sexual orientation. Keep us posted Rod.

Derrick from Philly

I still think about how horrifying it must have been for those young folks as they were being murdered...tortured and murdered. To see and hear you best friend being executed and to know that you are next is torture.

But I'm not going to let this incident turn me anti-Latino or anti-immigrants. It just means that we have some savages coming to this country that are as bad as some of our home grown savages.

Also, Dashon Harvey's father really disappointed me when he said he wasn't interested in the black gay activists (in Newark) who were trying to find out whether this was a hate crime. He said he wasn't interested in that angle of the story, nor was he insterested meeting the people who were working to bring that angle forward. Too many black families still don't want to know the truth about their gay sons and daughters--you got white, Asian and Latino families who feel that way too; but black families are so quick to DENY their child was gay, and get angry when you ask. You should be angry that your child was murdered because he or she WAS gay.

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