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21 September 2007


Erich H

Wow. Let's hope this is not the case.

greg g

Yes, let's hope this is not the case but if gay activists have this information, by all means this angle should be explored.

Any more news on the shooting?


Well, the last thing we need is another college shooting. This is not very good news.


Not the best news to wake up to on a Friday but let's see where this goes.

rob a


Derrick from Philly

If it wasn't race, or perceived sexual orientation, then it was the sadistic pleasure of committing torture and murder. I think it was all three.


I don't know how I feel about them sending letters to these kids' families. They are going through enough right now, and don't need to be placed in the middle of this regardless if they knew about or accepted their children's sexuality.

But this does warrant a question, would the reaction from the Black community been the same if this information had been released from the start? And would there have been such a push from the community to find the killers.

This was a major story on the radio down here in Atlanta for a week or more, and it's still talked about from time to time (unfortunately as a means to get people rilled up about illegal immigration), but I doubt it would have gotten any mention if the students' sexuality had been revealed.


Personally, I don't think it was an anti-gay murder. I think it was gang initiation. When it happened, I saw the myspace page of some of the young people, especially Dashon's and I thought the same thing as Kieth Boykin but I didn't connect their sexuality with the murders. To be honest, I hope that angle doesn't come out because then it will be ignored by the mainstream and the black media. Just like Michael Sandy.


My worst fears have been realized. When this story first broke no one said anything about the victims sexual orientation but I knew they were gay young men.

This is a hate crime, folks. I have read dozens of hate crime cases and this is the m.o.. They brutally murder the person(s) and then take whatever they can. The robbery is an afterthought. Read this article, it talks about elderly gay people but it applies to all gay people.

Mel Smith

As black gay people, there is NOOOO way in hell that we should just ignore this situation. It's 2007 and we can't keep letting people think we are artificial and second class. We must break the stigma attached to our sexual orientation. This is a mandatory requirement.


Mel, you are absolutely right. We have to make ourselves heard.

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