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18 September 2007


tony d..

When will she just come out?


Yeah I never read Ebony because that's all it ever is - PR fluff bullshit. No hard questions, no real journalism. I understand the need to celebrate our accomplishments but it's so pointless to even pick one up. I don't really care about her coming out though, that's her choice. Let Queen do her ... we know the deal anyway.


I hear on you Ebony, Me. fluff journalism at its worst. and Essence is only a little bit better.


. I'm not going to act like an angel gets his/her wings every time a celeb "comes out", and everyone is entitled to a private life, but **seriously**!!! I just hope that one day she doesn't have to answer to some leaked "hard evidence".


QL's secretiveness is about one thing. Not ending world hunger, not stopping the genocide in Darfur, not addressing global warming or saving the whales. It is about keeping her income high from endorsements, which would dry up if she came out.

C. Baptiste-Williams

if she doesnt want her personal life out there she shouldnt be pressured from the media or lifeless gays to come out.

enjoy her music, acting and makeup and stay out of her personal life


"if she doesnt want her personal life out there she shouldnt be pressured from the media or lifeless gays to come out."

What "lifeless gays" are you referring to, sweety? The question was asked in Ebony magazine, not in Out or on gay blogs. The fact remains she sidestepped the question. And yes, it is relevant when Latifah comes to gay and leesbian bars in LA with her girlfriends and then says no comment.


"If she doesn't want her personal life out there..."

maybe she should have gone into certified public accounting, or real estate, or anything but show business.

tyler grey

Misty you are absolutely right. Celebrity is achieved by those who desperately want it. Public figures should expect certain questions, it comes with the territory. Latifah can say she doesnt want to answer--which basically is a confirmation--but you can't fault "the media" for asking.

Latifah doesn't have any problem with "the media" helping to promoting her movies, makeup or new wardrobe line.


>>>Latifah doesn't have any problem with "the media" helping to promoting her movies, makeup or new wardrobe line.

Langston Baldwin

That is such ignorance to say because Queen L. is in show business she has to answer every F-ing question. Do we not all work with the public so to speak?
Does she need to tell you that she washes her face before her coochy in the shower too? It;s natural to be curious about celebs but to say that she should think of another career is FLAWED and insensitive.

It's still a job people. Wake up.


Don't give me that "It's just a job" bull. I work as an assistant editor and because my job is relatively anonymous, no one cares about my sexuality. However, if you put your face on billboards and ask people to SPEND MONEY on you (be it films, music, products you endorse), consumers have the right to know who you are and the kind of person we're supporting. I'm not saying she has to answer the question, but that doesn't mean it's rude to ask. It's not.

p.s. we all know that straight celebs don't act like this, so can we just assume "gay" until proven otherwise...

Langston Baldwin

It's not a job? It's a career! Were is the waiver that entertainers sign? See we often put celebs waaaay up there, like gods. We become obsessed and make this fluff so damn serious. It's called "entertainment" and I feel that most celebs are not whom they appear to be in public and private life (most of them are ACTING). Who cares. I pay for a singer to hear them sing. If something dark is revealed then I have a choice whether to support them e.g R Kelly. "the consumer has the right to know?" I totally disagree.

It's as if we are we trying to vilify her, "gay until proven otherwise?" Listen to your words.

Being LGBT is no walk in the park for a lot of humans.

Perhaps she is not comfortable. Perhaps she broke up with here girl and does not want to discuss it. It's like a snowball effect. Like paparazzi stalkers they feed off of anything the celeb says or doesn't.

Like my Father always told me... 'you sittin' there watching celbs and so into everything they do and so concerned with watching their lives, who's watching yours?'

Does everyone you know publically or those who have supported you need to know your sexual appetite? The reason I find the question rude, is because the question is usaually posed by "straight" journalist who feed off of the scandal and gossip it can create. After awhile when you are in the media, your name becomes tarnished.

So "relatively anonymous" Junior, you up for a promotion and you are put you in a news letter,maybe local paper, colleagues throw a party for you and support your elevation,you are now recognized within your company/ community.They do not see you with wife nor girlfriend... Does your management team (who is payinmg you)need to know about your sexuality, have the "right" to know?

Where do we draw the line of info?

Very stimulating post. Gotta get back to the real world and my life.


Langston, your comments expose your ignorance of the law.

There is no "law" that says celebrities have to do anything. But the fact is celebrities, athletes, politicians, etc are "public figures." More importantly, they put themselves in that position. Paparazzi can stake out Britney or Lindsay and take pictures outside their home. If someone did that to you, as a non celebrity or non public figure, it would be called "stalking", "invasion of privacy" or "harassment". Which is why celebrities, athletes, politicians etc. almost never win lawsuits or cases against the press.

BTW, there is a huge difference between a corporate promotion and questions about sexuality (re: discrimination based on sexual orientation) versus questions from reporters to a celebrity. EBONY asked the question, dear, not this blog.


These silly closet queens always amaze me. The reporters can ask whatever they want, as long as it is within reason. The question was asked. Latifah did not answer it. The stories about QL have been around for years so it is news.

So, should we not ask (presumed) heterosexual celebrities about who they are dating or marriage plans? It's exactly the same type of question. Why should gays be treated different?

C. Baptiste-Williams

Latifah doesn't have any problem with "the media" helping to promoting her movies, makeup or new wardrobe line.

That is because that is her job. Just like when someone asks me something about my work I have no problem talking about it. But my personal life is just that.

and the "lifeless gays" was a comment to anyone who spends more time worrying about someone else's sexuality and personal life than their own. if that is you oh well.


I'm so with you Junior and others. You want ask me for my dime, I have a right to ask who gonna spend it on, it's as simple as that. ESPECIALLY when it comes to celebs who are making insane amounts of (the public's) coins.

It's a whole new game when it comes to fame, celebrity and the media, so just evolve with it, or get the hell OUT of the game.


As for comparing actors and celebrity "jobs"to those in the private sector, there is no way to compare them. Being famous is basically unfathomable to most people (us).

Pardon my presumption, but I think it's valid in this case.


As for comparing actors and celebrity "jobs"to those in the private sector, there is no way to compare them. Being famous is basically unfathomable to most people (us).

Pardon my presumption, but I think it's valid in this case.

Will Jones

'cause another human being like you make a ridiculous amount of money means the are obligated to reveal things that is none of your concern. You are paying for her music, acting skills and makeup. Sorry I cannot get where the obligation is/ it's cool is she does reveal and it's cool if she doesn't. Get over it.




It is her business i do not care whether she is gay, bisexual, or heterosexual it is none of our concern, most celebrities are personal about their lives off the screen.

Jeff Smith DC

Some of these comments are outrageous. No one has to tell anyone anything unless they choose to do so. Just because I buy someone's record, pay to see their movie, or purchase a roll of toilet paper does not give me the right to that person's personnel life. I would only hope to enjoy the product that I purchased. How they choose to spend their monies is their business. The next thing people will be demanding that the head of every corporation divulge their sexuality, eating habits, hygiene habits, etc. Please try to keep this thing in perspective. It is her choice to reveal her sexuality to whomever she chooses.


Just like Jodi,Luther(R.I.P), we all know the deal. And just like them she is cool and down to earth so let it be!!!!!


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