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06 September 2007


Derrick from Philly

Tearoom sex can cause you to loose your mind--that's what my drag queen mother told me 35 years ago, and I've stayed away from the men's room mens.


Love the photo. Rod you should do a 'caption this'.

"Let's discuss your bill in 4th floor men's room, stall #3 at 4:00.

taylor Siluwé

LMAO @ Otis!

This latest is so juvenile. It's like he's going, "I wasn't runnin' anyway, na naa, n-naa na!"

Bitch puhleeze. You embarassing yourself globally. Live with it.

Having said that, a part of me feels for the guy. Just a little. After all, he got arrested for something he 'might' have done (public sex).

Doesn't that scare the shit out of anyone but me? Is it a crime to just pick up a guy in a public space and have sex somewhere else? If I flirt with a guy in the bathroom while I'm washing my hands, will he flash a badge and arrest me?


That's what this implies. Being suspected of wanting to engage in a lewd public act is enough to be convicted of said act. That's bullshit. I hope he actually fights this thing, I really do, for the greater good.

Because the way it is now, we'll have to avert our eyes the way slaves weren't allowed to look at their masters whenever we see a hot guy in a restroom.

I, for one, don't plan to do that.

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