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04 September 2007



Africa needs to shut the hell up about gays. Some of us (me) are deciding to keep my money for AIDS out of that savage country. Let them die. They can say what they want, but the price they pay is no money from us CIVILIZED Americans.

Mel Smith

Daniel, it is very upsetting. But, we ought to donate our money to African gay and lesbians, and their hetersexual African allies.


He sounds like the Governor of Texas -
Mr. Perry responded that "Texans have made a decision about marriage, and if there is some other state that has a more lenient view than Texas, then maybe that's a better place for them to live."


It is no accident that the anti-gay rhetoric in places like Uganda—all over the developing world, in fact—sounds just like what we hear in the U.S.

Over the last four decades, every American evangelical sect imaginable has invaded and taken root across the developing world. These sects have taught the pastors and the politicians in these countries how to have their cake and eat it, too: Make the people feel good about themselves by comparing themselves to loathesome gay people, and they will thank you by not demanding remediation of their poverty, by not questioning your corruption, and by filling your collection plates on Sunday and your ballot boxes at election time.

What pastor or politician could resist being an eager student of such morally depraved teachers?

taylor Siluwé

Ignorance personified.

And just goes to show that no amount of education can undo bullshit religious indocrination, institutionized hate, and plain ol' ass-backwards stupidity.

But I agree with Mel Smith. Despite this fool, we should give our full support (and money) to those fighting the good fight over there.


Government officials often place the blame on minority groups to hide their own mistakes and incompentence (as Jim pointed out).

It's been around since the dawn of time.

I also agree with Mel Smith, continue donating to fight HIV/AIDS, but also stay informed as to where the money is going.


Gays in developing countries should get support from developed countries..
Daniel you sound as savage as that Ugandan official..


Gays in developing countries should get support from developed countries..
Daniel you sound as savage as that Ugandan official..

Ella-Mae Bullock

Backwards country !
Backwards people ...

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