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27 October 2007


Aaron C.

Well, all well and good...but I'm seeing this as nothing more than "damage control"...I remain "unconvinced" about his ability to manuever around sensitive issues.
He is desperately trying to be an "everyman"...and it's not working.

Mel Smith

Donnie McClurkin is a fraud. It's too bad black hetersexuals don't see through him. The Bible warns us to beware of false prophets. To me, Donnie McClurkin is the epitome of self hate; a sellout a phony, and a complete fraud. What he does is brainwash weak minded black people into believing he's a 'man of God.' He brainwashes black heterosexuals into believing that gay identity and molestation are one. Molested or not, the man was born with a heterosexual or a homosexual identity. Being molested does not turn someone gay or heterosexual. Science refutes his argument. For the records, heterosexuals molest way more children than us gays do.


Beware people, gripes moans & bitching aside if Barack doesn't win the primary I think we may end up with another republican for president. Hillary's past is corrupt, she's hated by conservatives & not trusted by the middleground bipartisans. While on a domestic level I think she could be an ok leader, considering all the trouble we're having with the middle east, I wonder how effective she'll be in resolving our foreign issues. We all know (sadly) the role that women play in that region of the world, I'm wondering how the people of Iraq will respond to a white female American president having so much power in & over their country. Obama can't undue all the damage that's been done but his election might soften their opinion of Americans & that's a mighty big MIGHT. Bush during his 1st term used to send Powell over there quite often because he figured they would respond a little better to someone (a male) of African descent. Given our current circumstances I'm afraid not to vote for Obama, I see our situation going from bad to worse in so many ways if he doesn't make it. Btw I'm not against a female president I don't trust Hillary & I think the timing is bad.

Gabriel Christou

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let me get this...um... straight. if i was running for president, and i DIDN'T open up a dialog with the american nazi party, their members might not know that what they're saying could be hurtful to others??? really??

i hear what he's saying about opening dialog, but it's more than a "disagreement" when someone DISAGREES with whether you do or should exist.


Donnie McClurkin is not what he seems.

Mel Smith

I don't know about any of you, but as a 27-year-old black gay man, I just discovered that it really bothers me to think that heterosexual blacks think they are better than me. Now, I guess they got somebody who they can look down on. I mean, that does not bother any of you? It's true: even they think they are better than us, and we actually believe that sh!t. Considering that I know how every other group feels about them, they got some damn nerve!

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