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18 October 2007


Derrick from Philly

Well, of course, as a flaming liberal, I had no use for Brownback. But it's interesting, Rod mentioned that Brownback didn't have such a horrible record on issues of race and civil rights. That puzzled me. Yesterday, on Pam's HOuse Blend, Pam posted a photograph of Brownback when he was around 18 years old. That Afro he had looked REAL--not teased up. Now, y'all know I'm from the old school of American racial history. Senator Brownback's realistic Afro sorta' answered my question about his racial politics. ALTHOUGH, I know that having that "one drop" can cause some(maybe most) to go in the opposite direction of having a Ku Klux Klan type mentality. Some say that was the case with J. Edgar Hoover.

Well, maybe I've let my imagination go wild. I'd rather Brad Pitt was "passing"--his wife sure looks it.


*Side Eyes that title*


But yay?


While I would not have voted for him, and at this point can see voting for anyone running, I do have respect for him on the Darfur issue that many in this country have ignored, from Bush to the rest of DC.

And, while he is anti-gay to the point of his sanity, at least he isn't as anti-black as the rest of the "front runners" are, especially good old boy Rudy.

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