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30 October 2007



Though I'm not surprised, I am horrified and disgusted nonetheless.


Are we able to imagine a president who would actually confront a leader like Museveni on gay rights in his country? Who would that president be?

I can't imagine Clinton's ever bringing the subject up in a meeting with Museveni. Edwards? Obama? Nope, not them either.

On this matter, as on so many others, gay people are on our own. Too bad the average gay man couldn't find Uganda on a map if maintaining his tight abs depended on it.

Derrick from Philly

You're right, Jim, they're too busy screaming at Obama for letting Ms McClurkin sing down in Dixie. I wonder if they'd have been so offended if Ms Donnie had actually sang, "Dixie"...I'ma comin', Mammy, sorry that I made you waiiiit.

taylor Siluwé

Screaming at Obama was appropriate-- though throwing tomatos would have been even better.

The only president I imagine who would have the balls to confront this lunatic on gay rights would be Gravel or Kucinich. Clinton and Obama would keep doing their dance.

And even though my tight abs don't depend on it, I do know where Uganda is -- though its not on my list of travel destinations.


Taylor, you ain't average.

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