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16 October 2007



Its about time, even though McConnell and the rest of the Repug's will fight it down, I can just see Graham of SC trying to tell his rabid base of bigots who cluing to the glory days of slavery in 2007 or better yet Trent Lott, why they signed onto it, which we all know ain' gonna happen, just like they found excuses not to sign on the apology for lynching.

And, while he, Brownback, may be anti gay, he is still one of the few GOP members with a clue on race issues, and his speaking out on Darfur's genocide, when Bush, Cheney and Condoleeza wouldn't, spoke as to who actually has a moral compass about life of humans.

C. Baptise-Williams

What is the point of the apology? Who cares? What does it do for me now?

Should I go apologize to the grandchildren of the man my uncle pimp slapped in a bar?

Actions speak louder than words... if you want to apologize right the wrongs of the Jena 6 and Genarlow Wilson


I aree with C. Baptise-Williams. This apology will be hollow, because many won't believe in it, and others will be angry, and rightfully so, because they didn't have anything to do with slavery.

If we want to address problems then we should address the problems with the criminal justice system and the imbalance in education spending.

Will this apology stop the self hatred that exists among our people, will it elimiate homicide being the number one cause of death among 15-30 year olds, will it stop the thug mentatlity that is destroying our community, or will it give our people the self motivation to go after their dreams. I seriously doubt that will happen.


While it may not mean much to some here, it will still show that since they can find the time to debate the "genocide" of Armenians on the Ottoman Empire, the treatment of Japanese interned during WWII and give them an apology and settlement, the treatment of native Americans, I for one want it for the brutal treatment my forefathers suffered. Why is it that every other group that is maligned can get an apology and, yet, of black folks want, its dismissed as useless, who cares, and what's the point? The point it, the government endorsed a system that made us third class citizens, and remnants of that system still are alive and well, just more subtle. The present issues of injustice can't be corrected until the past injustices are corrected, and, while its only symbolic, its something, just as the lynching one was.

Franklyn Smith

No, the apology will not stop black on black crime. That's something we have to stop our selves.


Good grief, black on black crime has what to do with an apology for slavery and segregation? I guess since I have not nor have known any victim of black on black crime, I don't see what this has to do with the context of the apology proposal.

I guess this is why young black folks are so out of the loop, they don't know their own history, and aren't able to understand, that until you know it, and embrace it, you can't fight the fight that still needs to be fought, and, that's why so many are trapped in mental slavery. Its not as if "freedom" has been around more than 40 years for crying out loud, 40 years ago, most still couldn't even get to vote without the hassles of the past, and many still can't for the rules set up during Jim Crow that are still utilized to stop blacks form voting.
But, then again, its the ones whop have made it that are the most critical of any of those who have not.

And, odd how some don't want it, every other group that has been abused want it, sure, its only symbolic, but, for the ones who claim that this is the land of the free to have abused its citizens for 350 years to get a pass is ludicrous. Maybe that's why blacks can't get ahead, can't ever agree like the Armenians for their genocide and the Japanese for thier rights being trampled on,Jews for the Holocaust Native Americans, when they have been abused, killed and the rest of the injustices.

But, I do thank Rod for posting this thread, and, hope it will get passed, although I don't think it will, and, I hope these young people understand, history is as important as the present. And, this isn't the forum that posters can fully grasp what the impact of this all means in 2007. And, when most people in power in this country still adore the time of slavery and segregation, nothing will get better for the lives of millions of blacks.


Wow Luther, you don't know anyone who's been a victim of Black on Black crime? Where do you live, so I can move there.

We aren't saying that racism doesn't exits, or that the government didn't endorse slavery and segregation. We are saying that there are more important issues that need to be discussed, and getting happy about a shallow apology will not solve those problems. Again, what's the point of an apology, if the appologists really don't believe in it. And what's the point of an apology, when there is so much racism, bigotry, and self hatred going on right now. If Brownback and others want to discuss evening the playing field where education is concerned, then I'm there. If they want to fix the problems with the criminal justice system, then that is also something to be happy about. This apology is just stupid, and will make solving those other problems even harder.


Actually, I don't live in an area that has many blacks, the majority of crimes are with Hispanics killing each other, although, I am well aware of the problem in the AA commuinty. However, for me, this is an important step to own up to a wrong, and, as for wanting the government to "fix" the issues, in the black community, not going to happen, its no longer a black white country, and there are other groups at the table, and frankly, many of them are tired of hearing the same problems in the AA community, just like all the laws on the books have not cleared up racism, or changed whats in the hearts of the avergae American.

But, I can respect the opinions of those who don't share mine on this issue.

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