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10 October 2007



Yeah right! I think it's a little late to be saving face now.


He's a nut, just like all these fanatical religious hucksters,Muslims, Jews, Christians, from Bush to this twit, anything for a vote and world wide attention that they are right in their zest to preach hate. The only thing about his foolish comments, is that the man has no real power in Iran, its all in the hands of the mullahs or whatever they are called run the show.

And, as far as no Iranian gay men, I can count at least one, my ex boyfriend!


hmm Luther, was he hot?


Yup. No homosexuals in Iran. Not ever.

That is why the most famous Persian poet of all time, Rumi, was devotedly in love with his mentor, Shams.

It is fascinating to read the rhetorical double back flips that modern Islamic clerics will perform in order to explain away the homosexuality of Rumi's poetry.

Please, someone take the mullahs of Iran, the cardinals of the Vatican, the Anglican bishops of Africa, and the Elmer Gantrys of the United States, and put them all on some uninhabited island surrounded by cold, unswimmable currents.


BTW, everyone may have seen this already, but just in case you've been too busy with your honey to have caught it, this SNL Digital Short co-starring Ahmadinejad is awfully well done, and very romantic:

Click here to see the YouTube video.


DFS, he was beyond HOT, this was when I was on college, and it was hard to stay focused on my studies! And, to this day, after black men, give me a Middle Eastern one, the passion they have is incredible!

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