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19 October 2007


greg g

You interviewed Jensen? It's the new coiver of Clik? I'm headed to Borders!


Boy, Rod, sometimes it must be hard....ur...difficult to do your job!:)


Jensen is totally gorgeous, I love him.On a related note, if they do go ahead with a movie and he is not included, they may have a very big problem.


Jensen Atwood is the ONLY reason to watch a Noah's Arc movie. He is just beautiful.


not only for gay, straight or lesbain, i think to be bisexual is also fantastic. Yes, i have the unforgetable experience with them on bimingle.com, which really make me happy

hot lunch

I just started watching Noah's Arc and have spent all weekend getting through Seasons 1 and 2! I remember when you used to blog about it, but we don't have Logo here in Canada. Thank God for DVDs! Anyhow, love the show!! SO much better than Dante's Cove, in my opinion!


i would have to disagree with atwood. i think it's very common for straight men to be curious. the word "straight" is a label imposed by a conservative religious right society and does not represent natural human sexual behaviors, curiosities, etc.

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