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15 October 2007


Robert Jones, Jr.

We often criticize Kanye for his issues, but we must admit to there being a certain courage in him airing what is for so many a very personal, private struggle.



taylor Siluwé

Everytime I start to hate Kanye for some over-the-top outburst, he'll 'REALs' me back in with something like this.

The man is bold and courageous beyond belief in the world of Hip Hop. And isn't he sitting at the top of it?

Most of all, he's showing confused young heads (and some old heads)that you don't have to follow the crowd to be REAL. 'Cause if you do, you're not exactly authentic, are you?


Whatever ... lmao @ you guys giving credibility to this clown. He only says all this support shyt to keep his gay fan base because most of his fanbase is white, gay, or bi-curious.
And yes, I'm still angry at all you dumbasses who probably don't know shyt about rap claiming Beanie Sigel is trash.
No this aint spam. I'm a huge fan of the site, and I'm gay!

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