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08 October 2007



Mr. Thompson, it's always a sad day to be a Republican.

Derrick from Philly

When they induct him into the Idaho Hall of Fame, they ought to give him a fine plaque ornamented with a little golden toilet seat.

This man could be responsible for 4 to 5 more senate seats, and who knows how many house seats going Democratic next year. Let's see what the Party of Timidity will do then.

Andy in Seattle

Jim: Mister Lincoln might disagree with you, as might anyone living in the South in the pre-LBJ days. THESE days, it might be rough, though.

Trust me, with the Democrats about to cave in yet again (this time on wiretapping), it's not that swell being a Democrat either.

But as a former resident of Idaho, this schadenfreude is just too sweet...

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