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15 October 2007



Come on Larry, you are a big boy and have played this game for over 30 years, and, you know that Mitt was going to dump you since its all about those "family values" whatever they are. Its been said that to Mormons, the only worse thing than gay is to be a murderer, and isn't he Mormon like Willard, sorry, Mitt? So, save the weeping and whining, you knew what you were doing in that nasty toilet, trolling for sex.

taylor Siluwé

There is nothing more gay than the two Mormon missionary morsels who knocked on my door.

I even invited them in and listened to the bullshit. Believe me, there are little repressed Mormon gay boys out on missions all over desperately in need of blowjobs. The difficult part is separating him from his co-hort (they always travel in pairs).

But that's another story.

As for Larry, I really wanna hate this guy. But I can't. For one, I love that he's sticking it the whole Republican Party by staying put. And two, I can't get past the fact that this man was gay in the fifties -- which sorta explains why he's so deeply embedded in the plaster behind the closet.

Admiting he's been gay all this time would probably break something inside him, and he'd immediately turn into Richard Simmons.

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