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31 October 2007



How exactly am I supposed to get any work done now? I have completely lost my focus. Thanks Rod.

Derrick from Philly

Another waistline to envy until they put me in my grave, or away somewhere.

Y'all New York City "children" have a lot of gay men that are built like Mr Hill, but y'all can't make 'em stay more than one night. A city full of beautiful models, but few long-term partners.

Oh, I must envious, I'm gettin' vicious again. Besides, I haven't been up there in a few years, maybe things have changed.

I'm presuming he's a New York model. Is that presumptuous?


Derrick, all the good-looking ones are shallow. I know you're old enough to know that.

And don't be worrying about your waistline. Not everyone has exactly the same taste you know. Some of us prefer a little more padding.


I am thinking of eating a freeze pop on a blistering hot July Sunday afternoon...which means I would eat at least two, maybe three before my appetite could be satisfied. My Goodness... and Derrick don't worry bout dat waistline cuz most of us do like some meat on the bones...I know I certainly do...be encouraged!


Damn, that first picture gave me instant "wood." When I say "instant," I mean just that.


Oh my! Mercy me!! My goodness!

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