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22 October 2007


Derrick from Philly

I wouldn't know what to do with someone that beautiful. I'd think of something, after I wiped away all the tears of joy. I think I'd just stare at him all night after he falls asleep...probably sniff him too. Often, beautiful men make beautiful aromas. (Oh, Lord, the sight of him must make me delirious... but I aint lyin'--I want to smell him.)


Klae is beautiful. All black and Latino men are beautiful, especially this one, my word.

That's why I love this site, I get religion, politics and hot men in one hour.

greg g

Yes, yes, yes!

Tony R

What a wman, what a man, what a might good man.


Kale is perfect. So beautiful yet so masculine. Sigh.


Klae is perfection personified.


Where does he find these men?

West Side Poz

His facial exoression is sooo sexy.

Andy in Seattle

Um, er, uh, as a semi-professional photographer, I can, uh, surely appreciate the skill here. The lighting, hmmm, well, the... expression, exposure...

Oh I give up.

Thanks, Rod, for some more hottie candy in amongst the brain food of political meat and current-event vegetables. Yummmm...

Xavier Greene

Love him. I could mold some "klae" in my hands.


It seems I only comment when there is a hot man pictured. I know I should comment more (if at all) about the political scenarios you write about, but I agree with most of what you say. And I agree with Klae Scott's pics.

Franklyn Smith

That man is absolutely positively spectacular.


A very sexy, beautiful, handsome man. He's all of these adjectives wrapped into a nice, handy-dandy package. Damn, he's just so nice to look at, to stare at.


What a man!

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