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06 October 2007



Good to hear that the straight to DVD movie is still in the works, evil grin!

And, Ann Coulter, this chick really has some mental health issues with this nonsense, but, it sells books and that's all she wants.

And, Latin American courts are more progressive than the right wing nuts, sorry, activist judges, on the courts of this country are, shows who is third world and backwards doesn't it now?


Funny about Ann Coulter. For twenty years now, I've been telling friends how much better off we all would be if the franchise were limited to just black women.

Apparently, Ann and I have different visions of a good society.

Andy in Seattle

If we took away voting rights for everyone but land-owning males of European descent, like those "Founding Fathers" originally framed in the Constitution, we could live out your little fantasy, Ann... but then I doubt the men in charge would tolerate anyone as 'uppity' as you, Ms. Coulter, having an opinion, much less expressing it.

Ann, really, get some help.

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