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16 October 2007



Now..this is a sex tape that should be seen!!


I went to high school with him. He's as gay as a picnic basket ... next.

Derrick from Philly

I think we can all agree that that is one hot hot hot black man. I think even many white gay men, and white women would agree, and if they did I wouldn't accuse them of being "condescending and ignunt".

Now, Filip, is dat aiiight witchu?


Even if he is gay, why the need to out him further and why "next"? Just another reason brothers don't come out. Some lady will be glad to tell their business for them.

Franklyn Smith

Charles, no one "outed" the young man. Some anonymous gay claimed in comments that he went to high school with the (anonymous) bodyguard, no sensible person takes that seriously.

Off topic, please don't rationalize black gay men .. or SGL, MSM, whatever ... staying in the closet. If more of us were out like Rod, Keith Boykin and Kevin Taylor, we wouldn't have these stigmas.


LOL I really don't care is he is str8, gay, Bi or Tri lol, but there was an interesting post about him on Don't Date Him Girl .com




I wonder if she knows she can't call him the n-word she likes to occasionally throw around while he is on the clock, LOL!


This fella looks familiar. I think he was on an episode of "Gay, Straight, or Taken" along with porn star Kamrun. Also, I think he's been in Paris' employ for quite a while, and was rumored to have been her trainer in the past.

steve b.

Actually, he was (fairly recently) on an MTV show where exes who are in current relationships get put togerther for a weekend in a resort/hotel to see whether there are still "sparks." The kick is that their current significant others are spying on them the whole time without their knowledge. This bodyguard "played" the current boyfriend who was spying on his girlfriend and her ex-boyfriend. In the end, he "broke-up" with his girlfriend--- they were "having problems" already. Sorry, I can't remember the name of the show or whether it still airs.

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