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17 October 2007


Andy in Seattle

Awful news that should get more coverage. Thanks, Rod, for giving us what the MSM (even the gay glossies) often ignore...

Derrick from Philly

So, even with legal protection and equal rights under their constitution, gay people in South Africa still suffer violent persecution.

This is the kind of news that makes me even more convinced that black and white gays who can work together, should. I'm not going to allow racism among white gays stop me from communicating and supporting those white gay folks who work on acknowledging and getting rid of whatever racist attitudes they may have. If there's one thing that all gay people (including transgendered gay folks) have in common is that we are hated by the same anti-gay bigots for the same reason.

We don't have to sleep together to work together...unless, of course, you want to.

JD from Philly

Here, here Derrick!

C. Baptise-Williams

are they being raped by other gay men or str8 men? I am confused.

Franklyn Smith

>>>are they being raped by other gay men or str8 men? I am confused.

C. Baptiste, you are confused. Did you read the whole article?

Derrick from Philly

Hey, C.Baptiste-Williams:

They're being raped by straight men who are not technically hetereosexual (many straight guys aren't 100% hetereo). Most gay males who were sexually assaulted as little boys and teenagers were assaulted by straight boys or grown men. The act of penetrating another man does not make a straight guy think he's gay--as long as he's on top, he's still "the man". That's been going on for centuries. The problem is not just the humiliation of the act, the violence and brutality, and the reckless infection with HIV. It is a horrible act of violence that, because of HIV, can be a death sentence in some places--like US prisons.

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