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06 October 2007


taylor Siluwé

LOL @ "... more of a catcher than a pitcher".

Too funny. Shemar played little league? Were there any pictures? He must have been a beautiful teenager. I know some horny coach or other adult in his orbit tried to hit that, or WAS hitting that.

I'd love to hear those stories.

C'mon Shemar, spill. Who was the first one to tap that pretty little ass?

Derrick from PHilly

Well, according to all those New York "children" who claim to have intimate knowledge of Mr Moore (before he turned model, matinee idol)--they give no evidence that he's not a pitcher.

Y'all just want him to be a catcher, that's what it is. The more I see Moore, the more I like him.

Johnny Diaz

Thanks for linking my article/blog. I had a lot of fun interviewing Shemar. He's actually better looking in person than on TV. Imagine!

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