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05 October 2007


Derrick from Philly

The most important development in the relation between black folk and OPENLY black gay people in years--if the story gets out. And thanks to folks like you, Rod, it will.


When people to these supposed 180 turn arounds I always wonder if they really mean it. Like everytime somebody says something that offends them and there is a backlash they always apologize, seek counseling, etc and then say "I learned from my mistakes." But do they really mean it or are only saying it to get back in people's good graces. I also think we as America public are too damn sensitive. The moment somebody says something offensive the public wants their head. Get over it. I mean we have freedom of speech, people can say whatever the hell they want to say offensive or not. The Klan can call me a nigger all they want but so long as they don't put their hands on me or anything then I'm fine. It's not what somebody calls you but it's what you answer to.


Somewhere in the world pigs are flying...


I really don't think he changed though. I think his PR told him to do this to made he look good or to rebuilt his reputation. It is just a trick. Deep down I bet he still feel the same way.

Mel Smith

Actually, with gay prejudice, you have people who hate their gay kids. So, this is not about free speech. We can't compare the kkk to black parents hating their own children. Free speech and genocide speech are two different things. Tim Hardaway did the right thing. I believe in forgiveness. We got to stop gay prejudice in our black communities in order for it to survive.


maybe Tim never really had to change. maybe he was comfortable with gay people all along and his "I hate gay people" comment was just a front.

Mel Smith

ff, you have a point.

taylor Siluwé

(ff) Good point.

Does it really matter is one does the right thing for the wrong reason, or from wrong motivation?

Hardaway is doing the right thing. Who are we to second guess his motives -- especially since almost no black gay celebrities are willing to come out of the closet, even when their gayness is obvious to the world (not slinging mud at Queen 'I haven't found the right brotha' Latifah, I'm just saying).

So this a good thing. And even if his change of heart is somewhat contrived, his support of the trans community (a group even some gay men have problems accepting) will eventually open his mind to the humanity of the people he's disparaged.

So, yeah, this is a very good thing.

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