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27 October 2007



I voted in this thing but I don't like Hillary Clinton at all nor do I want her to win. In the primaries I'm voting for Dennis Kucinich. He's my candidate and if people were smarting he'd be every Democratic candidates choice. But Hillary will probably more than likely get the nomination, even though I strongly believe a vote for Hillary is another vote for Bush with some differences. I mean she voted for the war and gave lots of speeches about being pro-Iraq war, voted for the Patriot Act, voting for some resolution in Iran, I believe she said she believed homosexuality was a choice, doesn't support gay marriage, and now she's talking about she's not voting for Iraq War funding anymore, but Dennis Kucinich has been doing that since the beginning, but yet people look at him like he's crazy. VOTE KUCINICH 08 IF YOU'RE SMART!!!!!!


Oh oops. I thought this was the comment section for the advertisement thing about some poll about Hillary Clinton

Bradley Jax

Ummm ... that was an obviously ad. You didn't have to click.

greg g

OMG, look at him take a bite outta that mango. Hmm, hmm, lawd have mercy.

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