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12 November 2007



Aight, maybe Obabma had a slight hiccup with his handling of the Donnie McClurkin episode but I think it's time to LET IT GO AND MOVE ON! It really wasn't that serious. I mean, do we really think that this one episode should be enough to derail such a smart, talented, driven and intelligent man from making history? (Yes, I'm a black gay male in case anyone may be wondering.)

Derrick from Philly

Damn, I was kinda' impressed with Barack's appearance on "Meet The Press" Sunday morning. Maybe I started sipping too early--for fear of what the Eagles would do later that afternoon.


Did he mean to say that the reason they requested Donnie Mc Clurkin was because he is in line with the evangelical/pro-Christian rhetoric that could attract those voters.


I dropped him once that fiasco happened. It was such bad handling. Also, imagine if the tables were turned and Hillary employed and gave a voice to a racist guy. Then to make up for it she added a black guy cause obviously they negate each other just as how Obama added the gay guy.

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