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05 November 2007


Derrick from Philly

He's in New York? Everybody sexy is in damn New York.


LOL. Yes, the sexy ones all just roll down into New York as surely as water flows to the sea. All that's left in Philly are pot-bellied slobs too heavy to roll.

Derrick, you are too funny.

greg g

Demarco lives in Oakland. That has been said many times and it's mentioned in both articles.

Derrick from Philly

Why, thanks, Gregg. I didn't notice there was an article to go along with the picture. I'll have to read it after I finish enjoying the picture.

Oakland? Well, why are all the beautiful men in damn Oakland?

Derrick from Philly

I had to post again. I sure like lookin' at that man. He ought to move to New York...only 90 miles away. I don't want him here in Philly--they have me in jail for stalking.

Child, he's almost as fine as Reggie Bush or Tim Liggins...aint nobody as fine as those brothers. But they probably don't like fems...oh, woe is me; yes,woe is me, Miss Thaing.


phew he is so hot. I generally like smooth guys but he has just the right amount of body hair, esp on the legs; lawd hammercy.

L. Michael Gipson

I'm glad to see DeMarco continuing to do well, he deserves it. I wrote up my interview with him for Clik Magazine last year and found him to be as sensitive, intelligent and charming as he is beautiful. The man is truly the total package...no pun intended. :O) Keep it up, DeMarco!


Does anyone have an email address for DeMarco Majors. I'm an old friend of his from Evansville, and he just crossed my mind today. He knew me as Nikki Carter.

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