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26 November 2007



Now this is a Chad who is beyond HOT and SEXY, even for a old guy like myself!

Derrick from Philly

I'm beginning to think some of the younger ones like us mature souls, Luther. I think they believe we're "safe"--atleast sexually...we aint gonna' cause no turmoil. And they're right, we're not. Seems like I see a few young men looking at me lately--'course it could be early senility setting in. Of course, when they call me "sir" or "mister" I feel like dying...when they call me "old head" I feel like making them die.

Chad is hot. He reminds me of a many a piece of trade from the old days...'cept for them danm tattoos.

Y'all know my Eagles almost whupped them damn Patriots last night? ...ah, but that's life.


Derrick that was so frustrating. I want somebody to beat those damn Patriots!

Chad Johnson is fine on top of fine


Chad Johnson is quite gorgeous, but, all the men on this site are beautiful. Something for everyone.


Derrick, I thought I was the only over 45 black gay man who does not get the tatoos on black men thing! Just odd blurs to me! But, in this case, I think I could ignore them!


This is one of his sexiest pictures.


Hello nurse.

Andy Niable

"Sexy is when you dont gotta try."


This man is beyond fine. Oh Lawwwwwd!!!!! Who loves them some Chad Johnson is me. My friends think Im crazy because of him being so eccentric, but he is so damn sexy to me. The hottest football player in the NFL


Good lawd!! Mmh!!

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