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01 November 2007


Gaylo Dollar

Was there doubt about his gayness? Really? He and I came out about the same time back in Oakland in the 90s. I didn't know he was ever not claiming his homosexuality.

Derrick from PHilly

I always hoped the best for his career, NOW I PRAY the best for his career! He's a fine young actor...and still young--that's icing on the condom...I mean, cake. Lord, have mercy.


DeMarco Majors is on the list, he was discussed here at Rod 2.0 a while back and is looking quite nice in a pair of boxer briefs


Funny thing, I never knew he was in the closet, always assumed he was a out gay actor.


ROFL,DID HE THINK HE WAS FOOLING ANYONE!!!!!!This is golden whats next, George W. Bush saying he's made some mistakes during his presidency.


Above...a very sexy photo, indeed.
Had he to come to my door last night, he would have given me a treat just seeing him head to feet. No tricking about it!

Darryl Stephens IS a sexy, wise, youngblood actor. I respect his own strong, prudential judgment in making his business known on his terms, without any 'fairy tale' fanfare that peeps mags crave, for those that don't have their own life or act together enough just to admire someone like Darryl in the Life and film-model world.

Of course, Rod, we, all, love and
enjoy always your chocolicious eye-candy, especially one of our own, as Darryl 'officially' IS, on this ALL "Saints & Sinners" Day...all we need, now, is John Legend's and Tony Bennett's duet to welcome him OUT!

taylor Siluwé

Go Baby Boi! He's always had my support.

And he never denied it; it was more of a none of your business thing (which I always fully respect). But we all knew, and thanked the gods for his delicious little self in our corner.


You people can be so silly. Some people actually choose not to discuss their business publicly. That doesn't mean they're closeted- it just means they're not publicly out. Queen Latifah denies being gay. THAT's closeted. Darryl Stephens just chose not to discuss his personal life publicly. But he has always frequented gay clubs and attended gay events, supported the gay community- as he did in the recent AIDS walk in West Hollywood alongside T.R. Knight, Sara Rimerez and others. So ease up on the "did he think he was fooling anyone" bullshit. That's the kind of crap that keeps our black gay celebs from coming out publicly. It's as if we're out here gunning for them. Let's be encouraging and supportive. It takes a lot of courage for a black actor to publicly come out. Now we have one more. Cause for celebration.


That last comment is right. I've never read Stephens deny being gay or try to imply or claim to be straight. He just didn't talk about it. Big difference from all these others who constantly deny being gay, like it was a plague or something. Latifah, Alicia Keys, Johnny "I'm All Man" Gil, Ne-Yo, etc...


Thank you Juan. I was going to say the same thing. Your all missing the point people. He's not coming out of the closet. He's accepting the Hot 100 honor. He has stated in numerous interviews that he likes to keep his private life....private. Just because he is not walking around with a Rainbow flag tattooed across his chest doesn't mean he is not proud of who he is. Damn...No wonder he hasn't talked about it. It didn't take long for all the haters and bitchy queens to show their claws. I love and respect Darryl. I will support him always.

Andy Niable

Yes, he was never in, and it is something to celebrate that he has the courage to be open rather than neutral (and hopefully the American Entertainment Complex is progressive enough not to penalize him for it). Time will tell, and I hope to see great things from him. Boy Culture proved he could play more than the silly string handed him on Noah's Arc, so let's hope he's got a great agent and some meaty material to go with his beefcake looks.

Actually the above photo is the least attractive photo I've seen of Mr. Stephens--the styling and pose make him look pregnant.

Carol Strickland

Darryl will always have my support, because of his continued loyalty to his fans, and incredible talent. He is quite a "looker", but his talent shines. I applaud him in his decision to come out. Even if he had chosen not to come out, it doesn't really matter to me. He is Number 1 in my book. BRAVO to you Darryl!

Barbara aka Hot Butterfly

I'm so very proud of Mr.Darryl Stephens. He is an amazing actor but more importantly he is a truly beautiful person.He stands up for what he believes in and because he prefers to keep his private life out of the headlines doesn't mean he's ashamed of who he is far from it.So back off all you haters. Baby continue to be YOU and YOU will always have MY ENDLESS DEVOTION. Barbara aka Hot Butterfly


Darryl will always have my support in whatever he does because besides being a beautiful person, he's a briliant actor and only greatness will follow him. haters need to fall back, you are not needed nor desired...i love me some darryl!!!!!

Mr. Stephens you are forever in my heart♥


Darryl is and always will be my #1 love... i'm very proud of him.... His personal life is his prerogative.. leave it that way...
Darryl, you have my undying love and support.


If Rod had not worded the picture caption with "finally comes out" I don't think we would be reading any of these hateful comments. Those words are what have spawned the negativity, because they implied something that wasn't true.


Darryl is a very talented actor but he is an even better person. This honor is well deserved but his legion of fans (myself included) have long known of the quality of the man. The haters can say what they want (I guess it's still America) but the facts won't change. Private lives are supposed to be private and a person in the public eye only owes the public their best work. Darryl's willingness to share his life with his fans has only reinforced how special he is. You go on Darryl. I've never been prouder of you.



I have always loved and respect Darryl as an actor. Some people would rather keep their personal lives private, and what's wrong with that? He is honored for coming out, something others refuse to do. He should be applauded instead of getting knocked upside the head. What is wrong w/ you people? I just don't get the snide comments. Is it really necessary?



I have always loved and respect Darryl as an actor. Some people would rather keep their personal lives private, and what's wrong with that? He is honored for coming out, something others refuse to do. He should be applauded instead of getting knocked upside the head. What is wrong w/ you people? I just don't get the snide comments. Is it really necessary?


Mark Norris

Well, I respect folks privacy....so, what is the reason he is not private about this anymore? LOL. I think it a matter of Power, Prestige, and Notoriety. Those things can change a person's mind quickly. If it had of been anything else say to do with Clik Honors, I don't think he would be so quick to make his private so public. Just an opinion.


Mark I have to disagree with your "opinion". Are you kidding me with that BS? I'm very proud of Darryl for getting this honor...thank you Out Magazine. Let's keep it real. Did the honor come with a check for 10 million dollars,a Six picture deal,the cover of Vanity Fair, and dinner at the White House? I'm just asking because I'm trying to figure out where all this Power,Prestige,and Notoriety is coming from...I don't see it. Unless you are Mr. Stephens publicist you don't know who has or hasn't offered him honors. Or what he has or hasn't accepted. Do you work for Clik? Is that why your so bitter? Darryl is a humble,unpretentious,honest,lovingperson. He truly cares about the Gay community. Hopefully narrow minded,ignorant,and hateful people like yourself don't discourage him from accepting more honors in the future. Darryl's fans love him unconditionally and outnumber the haters so fall back!


Ditto Mark, so fall to f back hater. Sounds like you just 'jealous.' Did your momma ever tell you that if you don't have anything nice to say then shut your damn mouth?


It's beyond my comprehension how some folk can always find ways to turn positive, joyous events into negativity. I hope Darryl takes the negative comments with a grain of salt and consider the source. He knows how much his friends and fans love and respect him and how proud we are of him and his outstanding accomplishments.


there is no limbo between being out and being in the closet. if you choose not to answer a direct question about whether you're gay, and you're the star of a gay television series - by being silent, YOU ARE IN THE CLOSET. it's not negative or positive, but if you're in the closet and people call you on it, it's just stating a fact.

there's this weird double standard with actors. fans keep track of who the stars are dating and what they're wearing. that's why we have E.T. and EXTRA, and it's no big deal, but if you're gay then suddenly, it's nobody's business. huh??? please!!

i'm glad darryl's out of the closet, FINALLY. i hope he gets a ton of work. i'll be a fan for life.


I can't believe that ppl are still at it. To all the negative critics: Don't you have anything better to do? Get a life, ppl! At least Darryl has one. Can you say the same?

I had put this mess behind me, but a friend of mine alerted me to the continuous negative comments, so I decided to come see for myself. This is pathetic, truly pathetic.

I'm moving on, and I hope you will too. Please, go read a book or something.


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