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19 November 2007



Good for them, I'll take McCain over Mitt any day of the week, his "faith" is a major issue, especially for black voters whom his faith only said were humans less than 35 years ago.

Andy in Seattle

Ah, yes, the man who declared waterboarding was torture then stood silent while Bush neutered legislation saying so. The man who opposed a federal ban on "gay marriage" but supports individual "states rights" to ban it. I can't take McCain or Flip-Flop Mitt any day.


Andy, I agree, I can't stomach either, but, since this is a public that is easily duped by slick television ads and won't really read up and find out the real facts, McCain is a little bit scarier than Mitt, who is beyond a creepy android who belongs to a cult. I can't take anyone serious who wears secretive religious undergarments, and, a faith that being gay is as bad as being a murder. We've had the screwballs call us kleptomaniacs and other trash, and, all other nonsense, but, to belong to a "faith" that espouses that is not good news for gays and lesbians, and even worse for gays of color.

But, then again, I don't know what's worse, the vitriol of the candidates, or the nitwits who vote them in, and, never demand that they are fair to all American citizens.

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