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06 November 2007



This flattering portrayal of a killer comes as no surprise in the so called main stream media, even on most gay white sites, you would see posts, oh is he "hot" and, wow, he's "sexy." Just goes to show that the old adage is still true, a black life means nothing, but, thank goodness the one creep got a bit time sentence.

had it been a white gay man from Chelsea beat down and murdered by four black guys from Harlem, this would have been have been a rallying cry like Matthew Shepard.

Don't mean to come off as callous about it, but, lets keep it real, race is always a factor, gay or straight in this country.

Thanks for posting this article.

Robert Jones, Jr.

I was going to send you the New York article Rod, but I was too angry.

Aaron C.

I'm right there with you...angry.
I'm a frequent poster on the political and religious debate forum, Conflicting Views ( www.conflictingviews.com), and you would not believe the crap people post there...trying to justify the "hanging of nooses" as "free speech", and wanting to throw the Jena 6, "under the bus", with gusto.
But you have to continue to speak truth to hate and injustice, every time, and anytime. Keep the faith, and fight the power.

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