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26 November 2007



Obama is turning into one hot mess with his pandering to the right wing for votes with this anti-gay rehotoric, all I have to say is I knew he was trifling, and, was no different from any of the other "candidates". I have a few choice words about him and the rest of them, but, don't want to offend anyone.


Luther, I'm going to agree with you on the pandering to the evangelicals.


It's too bad Obama didn't say that during McClurkin. We copuld have used that support then.

rob a

That certainly is the best way to frame a message on gay inclyusion to the evangelical crowd. I'm just ot sure we have to go after their votes.


Why shouldn't we go after their votes? We want as many votes as possible. If Obama is not going to compromise, he (or Hillary or Edwards) should partner with willing segments of the evangelical vote.


Luther, how exactly is Obama pandering to the right wing with anti-gay rhetoric?

If I read the article right, it seems he's trying to preach COMPASSION to the evangelical crowd. He's using their religion in order to justify rights gays in America SHOULD HAVE ANYWAY.

It forces them to confront their own prejudices against the religion they claim to hold so dearly.

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