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15 November 2007


Derrick from Philly

Southern white men may forgive Vitters and vote for him again. They've always believed in praising the Lord in public, but having a perverse private sex life. Southern white women may have a different feeling. They've never liked the hyprocisy of their husbands (especially interracial sex--which southern crackas tooks as their birthright). There may be a chance for a Democrat to win in Louisiana because of Vitters. But hell, white Democrats in Louisiana are only a little better than Republicans--the GOP bastards' Klan uniforms aren't as clean--got blood on them.

Andy in Seattle

It's schadenfreude time!


Why are they wasting time with this? He's a white Republican in the deep South, he seat is safe no matter what he did, unless he said there is no God. Why didn't they open an inquiry into the Jena 6 case? Oh yeah, that involved young black men, who they view as not worth it, just send them to Angola for life.

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