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03 November 2007



Rod, I'm glad you brought up what Mormonism preached until the 1970s. This is perfectly relevant to today, because the character of people never changes, only what people are permitted to say.

The people who run our world today—these are the very same people who believed in segregation fifty years ago, in Jim Crow a hundred years ago, and in slavery a hundred and fifty years ago. For them, there are no moral boundaries. There is nothing they would not be willing to do. The only thing that changes over time is what they are allowed to do.

Andy Niable

Just keep handing Mr. Romney a mic and let him hang himself with it--it gives the Dems more tape to do the split-screen ads comparing him to his "liberal" past as the Gov of Massachusetts.


This stance isn't that unusual for his faith, they think the only thing worse than being gay is a murderer. If this churl wins, blacks and gays are going to be totally left out, more than any other group, since his faith loathes both.

taylor Siluwé

I agree, Andy. With Romney willingly saying nonsense like that, there is no need to debate him.

'Your Honor, the prosecution having made our case, the defense rests.'


One would think so Taylor, but, rememebr, the American public is easily duped by lies and fear tacitcs and almost always seem to have short term memory loss on election day!

Derrick from Philly

You try to appeal to the extreme element of your political party to win in the primaries. Then comes the general election. How the hell you think no one is going to remind you of the shit you let fly out of your mouth to win the nomination.

Mitt is a sick bitch...and kinda' stupid too.

Roy, Chiapas Mexico

Many gays don't realize that while good 'ol Mitt was a Mormon Bishop and a Stake President, the Church used electroshock therapy to "cure" gays. This was done at BYU and by private "doctors" from Bishopric referrals. Would Romney or the Church confirm or deny this? Not on your life. They both completely ignore these questions and tell their Members that it is an anti-mormon lie.

One wonders how many young Mormon men Mitt referred to this "treatment" of if he condones it in the future either by the Church or by a government campaign to "cure" gays.

Let's all ask him over and over again directly, in blogs and in the press. Michael Otterson, the Church's public affairs czar is also very quiet about this subject. Please join me in asking them to deny this

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