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19 December 2007



Been a huge fan of Alex's ever since I first saw his work on MuscleHunks.com a Miami-based web company that features nude Body-Builders doing the nasty. He was one of their first "models"... The American Gladiator folk would have to have been BLIND not to have known of his past: his stuff is ALL over the internet and because the NBC show is banking on the Female as well as gay demographic to bolster it's ratings, I figure this was a planned maneuver on the producers part!


I'm not sure why AG producers would have to say anything. Does the work he did for Colt make him any less of a gladiator?

Or does working for a gay porn company automatically make you persona non grata in Hollywood?


Don't watch porn or tv for that matter, but, this guy has an AWESOME body!

Andy in Seattle

Good heavens, something like this could actually GET ME to watch (when I never would before)...


correct me if I am wrong, but he has never done any "action" scenes, just muscle worship posing and solo videos?


he's my absolute favorite model. i hope this won't keep him from becoming a big star on that corny show.. he's so fine to me.


Looks like Alex's work with Musclehunks.com has been scrubbed from the website.

Honti Sonud

Alex is not the first nor last porn star to appear on a network show. Here's some "T" you may not know. If you look closely, you'll see Andre Bolla (black gay and straight porn star of the 80's and 90's) in a Seinfield episode. The episode is the one entitled "Soup Nazi" and Andre is standing in line waiting his turn to order soup. Also, there was this musclebound guy who appeared in a Fresh Prince from Belair episode having to do with Will Smith giving clever to his professor. Tyra Banks also starred. The porn guy was musclebound with a jerry curl fade and he sat at the front of the class. He lifted Will Smith up while Will was still in the classroom chair because Will hit on the guy's girl. The guy was in a straight porn film called "Back Field In Motion".


I will defintely be watching this show now.

But, I sincerely hope that he doesn't get into any trouble over this.

Derrick from Philly

I don't mind turning 50 next year, but I wish I could get rid of my sex drive. Looking at men like Alex Castro just drives me crazy. I had a few muscle men during my whoring years, but I can barely remember them now. The only ones I remember are the ones that wanted to "bottom" (here goes that silly "queen" Derrick again with that "top/bottom" crap)--bear with me, darlins. They shocked the hell outta' me..come puttin' them big muscle booties up in my face...please. I think y'all call them "power bottoms"--big muscle guys who offer up the booty. 'Course, it coulda' been something else they wanted by putting the muscle booty up in my face. I hate the bitch who invented "tossin' salad". It's so very undignified --even for 50 year old whores.


Well, if he put that ass in my face, I'd never get out of bed....

Paul W

Alex Castro is going to be featured in nude videos on maleperfection the first week of January, and they didn't even mention that he is going to be on American Gladiators. So now I get the best of both worlds. Alex barely dressed on TV, and Alex nude on my computer! 2008 is going to be a great year!


i've seen his pictures but thought he was black. dang.


Does anyone knows if this show broadcasted anywhere in Europe ?


They hung Frenchie out to dry because she did some underwear modeling. Not that I'm complaining about seeing Alex Castro naked but what's with the double standard? Is is because Frenchie is a plus-size black woman and Alex is...well....frigin hot?


i met alex in vegas 1 1/2 yrs ago. he was a bartender at the mgm while he was doing zumanity. he did not seem gay to me. gave me his number and flirted all night. looking at the pics- should have slept with him. yum yum!! i have pics with him. he is beautiful.


I am not going to judge the guy, as long as he admits that he is gay,or whatever they are calling it now-a-days. A lot of guys who do this entertaining on the internet, cam shows, "rub one out",etc. say they are str8,or gay for pay bull crap, are denial Queens.


Flashback, even if he did jack off vids, that doesn't make him gay. I'd be happy if he was. But the sad truth is that there is just no money in straight porn for men and some guys don't mind that it won't be women watching them so they jack off for gay websites. It's not "gay for pay" if it's solo lest all the men in the would would be 'gay' whenever they popped one off.

Derrick from Philly

kwattts! You're leaving out something very important in your story, honey! What the hell gender are you, darlin?


virgo no?


I'm abisexual man and i search video gayman but I'm poor i have no money if you can send some film without money I will be very happy and thaks .

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